cover design for track 'rats' by dev hynes (aka blood orange).

​​​​Format: 314X314 mm

listen here​​​​​​​
typographic poster design and line-up for a 3-day gathering, as part of effort to combat the climate crisis, hosted in the desert.

​​​​Format: 500X700mm

instructed by dana gez and teva sholt
'complex typography' studio, bezalel academy of art and design
cover design for the single 'snow day' by american-israeli rapper  benjamin elias.

Format: 314X314 mm

design for the 'cult wednesday' weekly film screenings in the jerusalem cinematheque, advertising the films of the month.
a typographic poster about jealousy, over-consumption and happiness.

​​​​Format: 500X700 mm
a new cover for an episode of the podcast "חיות כיס", created in cinema 4d.

​​​​Format: 1200X1200 px
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